I was very excited when I found a dog feeder that was under $35 and pretty cute to boot. Before I purchased it, I considered things like:

  • Is it the right height for my dog?
  • Can I adjust it, as my dog grows?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Does it come with standard sized feeding bowls, so I don’t have to buy extras?

These were all good questions when considering dog feeders, but there was one very important question I failed to consider, as I wouldn’t have thought there would be a dog feeder on the market with this problem. Does it tip?

At first, I thought Rodger was being a butt and tipping his bowls over for fun, but then I noticed his body language. He was upset about the mess. Then it happened again and again.

Finally, I got a clue. I put the dog feeder right side up, verified the legs were secured properly, and then pressed on one of the sides. It flipped over way too easily. I can see why my dog, Rodger was put out by the whole thing.

Unfortunately, I already got rid of the packaging, so I was not able to return this very cute POS. Rodger has been a lot happier with his bowls on the floor. There have been no more toppled bowl accidents. Once he reaches his full size we will consider other options, although maybe I should consider looking for a used dog feeder on craigslist or at a local yard sale. You can bet I will test if it tips, before I buy it.