When the lake water

     reverses flow

Even the stagnant waters


Poem by: Robin walls

What Does This Poem Mean?

Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes all disease to the stagnation of energy (qi). To cure the disease, the stagnation or blockage needs to be removed in congruence with the entire body.

As with many of my poems, this one was inspired by a philosophy as seen in moments of nature. Most body of waters have areas that move less than others. These area get algae blooms and other indicators of stagnant water. I noticed on windy days, the direction of the wind can influence the water flow, causing it to move in the opposite direction. On these days, the stagnant areas of the water move, dispursing the algae and other indicators of water stagnation.

How Can I Practice This?

A great way to disperse stagnation in the body is to breath into it. Inhale. Focus on  and breath into the area you wish to release stagnation from. Exhale. Repeat.