When People Disapprove Of Your Life Choices

Have you ever done something for your own happiness or life betterment and had people in your life want to control you and put you back in the state of unhappiness? There are many reasons this behavior occurs. They may say it is out of love, respect, or caring; however it is not out of love, respect, or caring for YOU.

There are a number of questions you can ask to get to the bottom of their behavior.

Are your changes affecting their projections?

Have you ever noticed that some people hold onto an image of you that is nothing like you? These false projections are particularly evident when someone tries to label you, but they never spend enough time with you to actually know you. It is as if they made something up about you and pulled it out of their ass. This is because, they did. People create these faux images to fill a need in their lives. These images are often a reflection of themselves, a way to deal with their own unfavorable thoughts or feelings. Psychology calls this projection.

The drama that comes out of it all can be exhausting. You can play the game or you can retreat and avoid the drama momma, but you will find it near impossible to change how the person is thinking, because subconsciously the person has chosen a perspective that serves them and unseeing it would have consequences.

Is your change allowing them to see something in their own world that they are unhappy about?
While some people might be inspired by your change and seek out their own changes, others will find it far easier to ignore themself and instead project negative attributes onto you.

If you are hearing

How dare you be happy. There is something wrong with you.

it is not you with the problem.

Are your decision about your life interfering with how they plan to use you for theirs?

Getting upset with someone for improving their life does not come from a place of love or caring, it is an attempt to control others. Why would a friend or family member wish to control a decision you made for your own happiness? Ask, how you were fitting into their life plan?  What are they fearing about this change in relation to themseleves?

I will only approve of you if you are unhappy.

Ask: Why is it so imperative to you that I live a life of unhappiness?

In the video below, Mooji talks about the reactions from family and friends when someone chooses the path of enlightenment, but really it can be applied to many things in life.

I would love to hear about reactions you’ve come across when you’ve made changes in your own life.

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