The Path to Peace

Poem: Path To Peace

When you watch it

(mi mi mien mien)

you will find great peace

at the top

and at the bottom

What’s behind the poem?

Those who practice meditation, qigong, or yoga most likely have this one figured out. One of the more common meditation methods is to watch one’s breath. The words “mi mi mien mien” are my poorly done English spelling of the Chinese saying for “soft and unbroken, like silk or cotton.”

Try it out. Begin by simply watching your inhales and exhales.

As you watch the inhales and exhales, they will naturally begin to get longer and smooth out. Once you are to that point, try a brief pause at the top, bottom, or both. When the entire flow is working smoothly, you will notice a vast amount of space in the pauses, an emptiness, a peacefulness.

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